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What Does ‘Treating the Whole Person’ Mean?

What Does “Treating the Whole Person” Mean?
Addiction Recovery Strategies

Recovery from addiction is a time to rediscover yourself

While you are taking the time to get to know yourself better, we believe your treatment team should adapt their plans to who it is that you want to become. Here at Vanity Wellness Center, we believe detox and recovery are about more than hospital beds and meeting with counselors and doctors.

Our focus is on treating the client as a whole, which means getting to know them and adapting our treatments to fit their lifestyle. By understanding what you need and who you want to be, helping you rediscover yourself, and connecting you with life-long relationships, we can assist you on the road to recovery your way.

Getting to Know You

We believe that you are more than your addiction. People suffering from a substance use disorder (SUD) develop an addiction because they are trying to find ways to cope with traumatic events or distressing emotions. Those struggling with addiction often suffer from self-hate and blame and attempt to numb this with drugs and alcohol. However, relying on drugs and alcohol can cause even more problems as people make decisions through addiction that can isolate them from friends and family, cripple their finances, and prevent them from chasing their dreams.

An important part of recovery can be understanding what leads someone to become addicted in the first place. You may have experienced trauma in your life that makes you feel broken, or you may be struggling with mental health challenges that make you susceptible to addiction. If these challenges can be identified, it will allow us to better understand what you need for treatment.

Additionally, not everyone has the exact same needs in recovery. For example, some people may benefit from learning to be more proactive about reaching out to friends and family members when they experience cravings. Meanwhile, others may be better served by developing a new support system to help them fight cravings.

We are committed to getting to know you. Depending on your situation, the tools and resources you need to detox and start your new life successfully will differ when you enter recovery. Understanding where you have been and where you are vital to ensuring you receive the care that will address any potential traumas or mental health concerns and ensure you receive the necessary levels of care to recover fully.

Rediscovering Yourself

When you become addicted to drugs and alcohol, you often lose sight of who you are and what you love. Developing a better sense of self can help you set goals and build hope for the future once you are clean. Recovery can be stressful and challenging, but we believe it can also be an exciting time in your life. We here at Vanity Wellness go beyond therapies and medical interventions to help you recover.

Being located in California, we have access to just about every recreational activity, hobby, or life path you want to try. Our staff is focused on engaging you in the fun and exciting parts of life while you receive therapies and, in some cases, medication-assisted treatments to help you beat your addiction.

Aside from enjoying all of the beauty that sunny California has to offer, we are also invested in helping you to increase your confidence and to better love yourself. Self-love and confidence can take time to rebuild after the depletions they may have suffered due to addiction. At the start of recovery, many people do not feel good about themselves and have lost the ability to take care of themselves.

Our staff is here to cheer you on as we support you in developing a schedule, eating well, exercising, and setting goals. As you practice self-care and develop supportive relationships, you will learn to remove yourself and build confidence in your abilities to make healthy decisions for yourself without drugs or alcohol.

Coming Back to life

After you have gone through detox, it will be time to start getting your life on track. Integrating into a sober lifestyle can be scary. Supportive relationships are essential to ensuring your success. Here at Vanity Wellness, we focus on helping you develop lifelong relationships that will support you through your challenges as you start your new life.

We actively support you in reconnecting with friends and family members who are healthy and positive influences in your life. We do this through family therapies that help your family better understand your struggles. Family therapy can allow a space for all members of the family to both make amends and develop more effective communication strategies.

Additionally, we have a thriving addiction recovery community that will allow you to meet people who share your health and happiness goals but can also relate to what you have gone through. Developing relationships with your peers can allow you to share your struggles without judgment or blame and let you have even more people in your life who will continue to cheer you on once you leave recovery.

Here at Vanity Wellness Center, we know that no two people are alike. Because no two people are alike, we believe that every treatment plan should be different with a tailored focus on the individual. You are more than your addiction. Your experiences have to lead you to be where you are, and understanding those experiences better will help you move forward. As you move forward, we are here to cheer you on and give you opportunities to help you decide what you do and do not like. As you develop who you are without drugs and alcohol, we will adapt our treatment plan to ensure it fits your ideals, your dream lifestyle, and your goals. We want you to leave Vanity Wellness with confidence and positive and permanent relationships that will cheer you on through your recovery. For more information about our programs, call us at (866) 587-1737

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