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What Are the Benefits of Addiction Treatment in California?

What Are the Benefits of Addiction Treatment in California?

Ease The Stress and Worry Of Addiction Recovery

The Golden State boasts beautiful beaches, stunning national parks, and a community of go-getters ready to follow their dreams. Recovering from addiction is a time in your life when you need to feel good about yourself. To do that, it can really help to be in an environment that allows you to enjoy being outside and to be able to easily access a community of people who support your life in recovery.

California is home to multiple options when it comes to treatment. With diverse landscapes that accommodate both conventional and holistic forms of treatment, The Golden State offers excellent treatment options and has a strong addiction recovery community for post-treatment. In this new chapter of your life, California can offer you the chance to further delve into some of the activities you know you already enjoy as well as provide a chance to explore new opportunities. After all, you can’t make a recovery without a little bit of discovery.

Surf’s Up: The Weather Is Always Sunny Down Here

Although California experiences some rainy days, for the most part, we have a temperate climate that allows you to be outdoors. Especially after the pandemic, being outdoors and exploring can be an important aid in recovering from substance abuse disorder (SUD).

Being able to go outside allows you to enjoy the slew of outdoor recreation activities that California has to offer. Whether it is surfing, kayaking, climbing, or visiting our gorgeous national parks, Vanity Wellness can help you get active. We believe that physical activity is a cornerstone of recovery, and we are excited to help you find activities to further enhance your new life.

If you don’t have anything to do, you may be more susceptible to giving in to cravings for your substance of choice. However, our team will spend every day with you, showing the beauty of California, and engaging you in stimulating activities that will help keep your mind off drugs and alcohol.

Additionally, bad weather has been shown to contribute to poor mental health and social isolation. This is particularly true for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Being in the sunshine helps the brain produce serotonin, which helps regulate your mood. A lack of serotonin contributes to anxiety and depression and can inhibit recovery.

Feeling lonely or isolated can also cause you to become depressed, especially if you are struggling with recovery and do not have anyone to talk to. California offers you a magnificent environment to help boost your mood, and California can also be an excellent place to facilitate the development of lifelong relationships with people who share your recovery goals.

Hang Loose: We’re Fun Down Here

Sometimes a change in scenery is necessary for your recovery. You may have friends and family back home, but they may not fully support your recovery in the ways that you need. They may be the people that are still using drugs or alcohol, and they may not be on the same road to recovery that you are. Engaging in these relationships can hold you back from being sober. After all, it is hard to stay clean if your friends are using around you.

Coming to treatment at Vanity Wellness will mean you are removed from drugs, alcohol, and problematic relationships that feed your addiction. This may seem scary, but our team is dedicated to helping you build healthy relationships that will create a robust support system for you while you are recovering.

One of recovering addicts’ greatest struggles is a lack of a support system. Here in California, we have a strong community of people who want to see you succeed in your recovery. With an array of sober living homes and engaging community activities, our staff can help introduce you to like-minded people who share your recovery goals.

Being surrounded by peers can provide a safe place to allow you to explore who it is that you want to be. You can share your stories and struggles with people who understand and will not judge you while you are in recovery. The safety of being in a non-judgmental environment with the support of your peers and our staff will allow you to explore your past and your future without shame or blame.

Our staff is not only committed to providing you and your peers opportunities to get to know each other, but we want to help you explore a lifestyle without drugs or alcohol. Although you will engage in targeted therapies to help you on your road to recovery, we also believe living a happy and healthy lifestyle revolves around discovering who you want to be.

At Vanity Wellness, we don’t believe in keeping you cooped up in a treatment center all day. After you leave treatment, we know you still have to navigate your daily life. Our goal is to help you find a life path that is exciting and fulfilling for you. More importantly, we want to ensure you leave treatment with relationships that will support you when times get tough. You are not in this alone, and we will be there to see you develop the tools you need to live a life filled with happiness and peace.

Experience the Best Addiction Treatment Center in California

Here at Vanity Wellness, we believe recovery is more than just visiting doctors and going to therapy. Though we know from experience that medical intervention is a necessary part of recovery, focusing solely on medical treatments for physical and mental health does not treat the whole person. Here in sunny California, you will be exposed to a world filled with opportunities that will help you rediscover who you are and set goals for who you want to be with a life free of drugs and alcohol. More importantly, we are focused on helping you build a support system of peers who share your recovery goals. When you are ready to leave Vanity Wellness, you will not just leave drug-free. You will leave with lasting friendships that will support you through your recovery. For more information about our treatment programs, give us a call at (866) 587-1737.

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