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Confronting the Shadows: Kensington’s Opioid Epidemic Uncovered

The addictions faced in Kensington, Pennsylvania reveals to the rest of the world that the opioid epidemic is real – and can happen you.

The Rapid Rise of Xylazine: An Urgent Concern

Xylazine has quickly become a dangerous. Here is everything you need to know about this potent drug to keep from falling victim to addiction.

Freedom from Addiction: A Guide to a Sober 4th of July

Trying to have a sober 4th of July? This definitive guide gives you all you’ll need to have a fun and substance-free holiday.

What is Continuity of Care and Why it Matters in Addiction Recovery

Treatment from drugs addiction. Message, digital scales, narcotics, wooden background.

Continuity of care has been proven to be a critical aspect of successful addiction recovery. This article will tell you how.

Why California Rehab Centers Stand Out

Palm tree with silhouette at the beautiful of sky.

California rehab centers are unlike any other addiction treatment center in the country, thanks to their holistic and innovative therapies.

My Journey to Recovery: How I Overcame Opioid Addiction

A close-up of female hands holding a variety of pills, depicting medication overdose or addiction.

After disappointing everyone I ever cared about – especially my kids – I knew I needed help for my opioid addiction. This is what I did.

LGBTQ Substance Abuse Treatment and Alcohol Recovery

The LGBTQ community faces social stigma, which can lead to addiction. Here’s how LGBTQ substance abuse treatment helps in alcohol recovery.

Opioid Decisions Made Easy: 10 Key Questions for Your Doctor

Opioids are a common method of treating pain. These are the 10 questions you must ask your doctor to avoid opioid addiction or overdose.

How to Make an Effective Relapse Prevention Plan in 8 Steps

Relapse prevention is a key component in addiction recovery. This plan will give you the 8 most effective techniques you need to stay sober.

Alcohol vs Sleep: The Nighttime Battle You Need to Know

Alcohol and sleep are often related, with one affecting the other. Here is how they correlate, and what you can do to sleep better.