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Flexible and Personalized Outpatient Treatment

What is outpatient care

A Flexible Approach To Addiction Recovery

Outpatient rehab allows you to receive expert care as well as maintain your daily routines. Balancing work, school, or home life while participating in treatment gives you a newfound sense of accountability and self-reliance.

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With a focus on cutting-edge therapies, innovative support resources, and an unwavering commitment to your well-being, Vanity elevates the outpatient experience to new heights, empowering you to achieve sobriety in ways you never thought possible.

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Increased Flexibility

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Dedicated Support Network

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Less Intensive Care

OUtpatient Treatment Options

Extensive and Customizable Care at Vanity Wellness

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A medically supervised process that helps you safely and comfortably withdraw from substances while living at home.
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People often turn to substances to cope with a mental health condition. We provide behavioral therapies to treat both addiction and mental health concerns. 
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Guided by licensed addiction counselors, you will receive support from those who underwent similar struggles. After all, sharing experiences promotes a sense of connectedness.
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Learn valuable life skills and get involved with our alumni program. We give you the tools and connections you need to lead a life free of addiction.
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We build a plan carefully crafted around all your needs. When you make the transition into the community, Vanity will always be with you.
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Are you worried about relapse? From the moment you begin treatment, we form a detailed plan full of positive habits that give you the freedom to live the life you want.
Our Intensive Outpatient Programs

Detox Was Only the First Part

Our highly skilled and compassionate team works closely with you to create a treatment plan that provides essential therapeutic support, personal growth, and a strong supporting network. 


Provides a critical bridge between inpatient care and outpatient services. Our approach offers structured, intensive therapies including individual, family, and group therapy.


Don’t want to miss work or school? The flexibility of our program allows you to get the best possible treatment while still maintaining your daily responsibilities.

Recover in Style: Our Exclusive Program Rooms

Vanity’s outpatient amenities offer a range of unique experiences, such as a well-equipped recording studio, rejuvenating music therapy sessions, engaging gaming activities, and calming breathwork exercises.

Yoga & Breathwork

Breathe out the stress of addiction with meditative exercises and classes lead by licensed professionals.

Music Therapy

Embrace the soothing sound of music to improve mood, while at the same time reducing cravings and anxiety.

Recording Studio

Explore your creative side with our innovative music studio that is sure to bring the community together.

Gaming Activities

Try our air hockey table, foosball table, or state-of-the-art gaming consoles that include a wide selection of video games.

Our Treatment Options

We Provide All Levels of Care

By prioritizing continuity of care and cultivating a nurturing, empathetic environment, we become more than a treatment facility; we’re your partner in rediscovering a life filled with hope, purpose, and a lifeline of unwavering commitment to your well-being.

Inpatient Detox

Restart the mind, body, and spirit by eliminating the harmful toxins left behind by addiction.

Residential Treatment

Experience a stress-free recovery with private rooms, gourmet meals, recreation, and so much more.

Outpatient Care

Discover the flexibility of our programs, carefully designed around your schedule.

Sober Living

Live in a judgement-free community where you can share experiences and learn positive coping skills.

Take the First Step Toward a Brighter Future

Take control of your life and break free from addiction. Our admissions specialists are waiting for your call.