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How Can Recovery Be Fun?

How Can Recovery Be Fun?
Addiction Recovery Strategies

Here's How Recovery Can Be Fun

During recovery, it can be hard to let go of the people and places where you used to use substances. Further, you may not want to cut ties with these people and places because they are the only constant you have had in your life. Therefore, you may doubt your ability to abstain from using substances. Remember, there are only upsides to a life of recovery.

Emotionally Rewarding

In the past, when your emotions got out of control, you may have self-medicated with substances to ease any stress, anxiety, or depression. Experiencing these emotions during recovery can still present a challenge. However, during recovery, you will attain coping skills to help you manage difficult emotions. Being able to overcome difficult emotions is an empowering and rewarding experience. Such coping skills might include:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Art

At Vanity Wellness, we have licensed counselors who will teach you how to respond to difficult emotions and what to do when they persist. You may think that getting clean is scary, but we encourage you to look at it from a positive perspective. You will get control of your life, make new friends, and have the freedom to pursue other activities you enjoy.

Gain Confidence

Following treatment, you may have some apprehension and even ask, “what if?” What if you don’t have anyone to help you in the future? What if your friends tempt you to use substances again? What if you can’t make it without treatment? All of these are valid questions, and your concerns are logical. While treatment will help you develop the confidence necessary to embark on the long road to recovery, sustaining such confidence is the key.

Recovery will put into practice what you have gained during your time in treatment. You can use the techniques and interventions you learned in treatment to help you overcome these obstacles. You will also have security in knowing that you have support from your peers. During your time in treatment, the friends you make will likely share the same goals and concerns you do: they want to maintain friendships and stay sober. Having this kind of security can do wonders for your confidence when you meet life’s challenges.

Aftercare Support

Vanity Wellness is here for you after treatment. We offer aftercare programs so that you can come to us at any point during your recovery. You can also become a part of our alumni community and stay in touch with those you completed treatment with.

We allow you to keep attending individual and group therapy sessions to have the support you need. We also offer a sober living facility if you cannot find a place of your own or if you are afraid of staying sober on your own for the first few weeks after treatment. Whatever your concerns are, reach out to us. We will help you find a plan that will allow you the freedom to make decisions that are best for your future. By staying a part of our alumni community, you strengthen the recovery community.

We Make It Fun

At Vanity Wellness, recovery is rooted in fun, honest relationship development. We do not see you as another person that comes through our doors; we desire to build a relationship with you. We believe if we build a relationship with you, you will be more motivated to stay in treatment and follow through with recovery.

Our Staff

Some of the staff here are in recovery as well. We understand your struggles, and we are passionate about helping you succeed. We develop a relationship with you so we can learn and grow together. We provide various forms of conventional and holistic practices, including:

  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Photo psychotherapy
  • Group and individual therapy

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We promote teamwork, self-care, and honest communication. When we work together, we can succeed in this journey. We cannot do this alone; you may have even tried. Through this, we care for one another and ourselves. With us, you will learn coping skills such as:

  • Self-care: Self-care is important because you will experience a lot of change. Your body and mind will be adjusting, and you will need extra care.
  • Grace: Learning to give yourself grace through this process is extremely important because your brain may imagine many scenarios. When we openly communicate these thoughts, urges, and desires, we will find strength in one another.
  • Peer support: Peers will give you tips that help them, and you can also help them with your tips. Recovery looks good on me, and it looks good on you.

Recovery Isn't Scary with Vanity Wellness Center

Recovery can be a scary process; however, the freedom of opportunity it presents can make it much more fun than you can imagine. When you surround yourself with people who care and want you to succeed, your journey becomes easier. At Vanity Wellness, we are here to cheer for you with every victory and lend a hand on the missteps. Entering a treatment such as this takes courage, and we commend you for reaching out. We make treatment fun through different therapy modalities, understanding, and compassion. This is not just a treatment facility; you will be treated like family. Treatment modalities such as this teach you to reduce stress and improve your mood. We know you are looking for a facility that helps you succeed while also reducing boredom. We encourage you to reach out today so we can customize your treatment plan. Call us at (866) 587-1737

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