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How can I Rebuild Relationships with Friends and Family in Addiction Recovery? 


Recovery Is One Step Closer to Being Sober

Being in recovery means the first step to admitting there is an addiction that has happened. We are ready to begin our new life journey. Recovery can be a scary thought, learning to live without addiction. Our addiction could have caused us to hurt the ones we love. There is always a chance to make things right with those we have hurt and loved. Addiction recovery therapy can help us make amends with the people we may have hurt. 

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Importance of Healthy Relationships

Relationships are all around us whether they are intimate or companions. Relationships are important to give our life meaning without them life would be dull and meaningless. Who we choose to have relationships with can define who we become. We develop deep relationships with our loved ones. Friends give us unconditional care and encouragement. In the workforce, we create professional relationships with our bosses and coworkers. The most important relationship is with yourself. Loving yourself means you can love others. 

The key to a joyful life is to establish healthy relationships. In recovery, we are working on creating health and wellness in all aspects of our lives. Having supported relationships with others helps us to develop in our recovery process and promotes personal growth. They are there to help us stay on the right path when things get tough. 


 Rebuilding a Healthy Relationship in Recovery

Due to addiction, we may have found ourselves in toxic relationships or hurting the ones we love. This includes us mistreating our bodies and mind with addiction. The first step to a healthy relationship starts with having a healthy relationship with oneself. We start by giving ourselves to a higher belief, it does not have to be religious. Giving oneself to a higher belief will allow us to establish a healthy relationship within ourselves. When looking for future relationships, hiding our past addiction and recovery is not healthy. When we are looking for someone to depend on and be there for us, then opening completely will allow us to establish that deep connection. We may assume we are the unhealthy ones in the relationship, but this is not true, and we should avoid people who might make us feel that way. When it comes to establishing healthy relationships with others here are attributes, we want to look for in them. 

  • Supports recovery, NOT addiction
  • Is built upon mutual respect
  • Centers on the health and wellness of everyone
  • Feels good in your soul
  • Involves healthy communication
  • Encourages you to achieve your highest good
  • Respects personal boundaries
  • Is trustworthy and dependable
  • Is kind and caring
  • Makes you feel good about yourself
  • Builds you up
  • Makes you feel safe
  • Makes you feel supported
  • Enriches your life
  • Brings you a sense of peace and contentment

Be aware of red flags if they are not presenting any of the attributes mentioned above, and move on. We want to keep people around who will build us up. We may feel entitled to stay with someone we could have caused harm to, and this is not true. In recovery, with therapy, we find ways to deal with past relationships. We learn to trust in ourselves. 

What steps does Vanity Wellness take to help rebuild relationships?

The first step Vanity Wellness takes is having a treatment plan tailored to our individual needs. Vanity’ amazing staff members are here to help along the way. Vanity Wellness Center offers a variety of therapy and finds which one will work best for you. Remember recovery and the relationship with yourself should come first. 

The next step is attending therapy sessions. Putting in the work will get you feeling better about yourself. Addiction clouds one’s sense of judgment therapy teaches us how to rely on our inner instinct. The tools we learn from therapy will help us foster healthy relationships. These tools will carry with us forever even if therapy is no longer an option. 

The third step is open communication. Vanity does not have restrictions against phone use. This allows us to stay in contact with our family or loved ones. Allowing communication with them can bring more support during our recovery. This is a choice so in case it is the opposite Vanity is HEPA compliant and you are safe in your recovery. 

 The last step is when we transition to being sober and free from addiction. Vanity helps with the transition from patient to outpatient. Unlike other facilities, Vanity makes sure we have a plan when leaving addiction recovery. We offer events for social outings or opportunities to look for a job. Meeting people who are going through similar battles brings us closer together. It can be difficult to communicate what we have been through to someone who does not understand. Keep this in mind when you feel ready to have a meaningful relationship.

Looking to the Future

Yes, relationships are important. Keep in mind what type of relationship we are ready for during recovery. Just like all things, having a relationship during recovery has its pros and cons. 

Pros- having a committed partner be a cheerleader and a source of motivation can help us stay on track, we can learn from our partner effective communication and coping strategies, and having a healthy relationship can help build up our self-esteem. 

Cons- the relationship becomes the addiction we are replacing the addiction high with the high of relationships, we lose track of our recovery and focus too much on the relationship, and we become co-dependent and cannot be without our partner. 

If ready to seek help with addiction and rebuild healthy relationships, please contact Vanity Wellness at 866-587-1737 today. 

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