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Celebrating Triumphs During National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month. Not only is it a time to celebrate achievements, but a time to share your story with those in need.

Celebrating a Happy Labor Day as a Symbol of Renewed Hope

Having a happy Labor Day weekend may be tough in addiction recovery. However, use this holiday to reflect on all the progress you’ve made.

Addiction Impacts the Majority of U.S. Families

These statistics about addiction are alarming. There are many things that we can do individually and collectively to lower the number.

Decoding Cross Addiction

Cross addiction, or addiction interaction disorder, can complicate the recovery process. We’ll discuss how to address it effectively.

Confronting Personality Disorders and Addiction

Understanding the connection between personality disorders and addiction is a must if you want to address them effectively. Here’s how.

Shame and Addiction: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilt in Your Disease

Find out the connection between shame and addiction and learn valuable insights that can teach you how to overcome these emotional barriers.

How to Stop Codependency in Addiction

Codependency in addiction often goes unnoticed, but it’s impact on both participants can be devastating. Here are strategies to stop it.

6 Mindfulness Activities for Addiction Recovery

Holistic healing is often an effective method for treating substance abuse. Here are 6 mindfulness activities for addiction recovery.

Free Yourself: 4 Addiction Recovery Tips and Tools

Sobriety may seem like an impossible goal. With these 4 effective addiction recovery tips and tools, you can make that goal possible.

How to Prevent Substance Abuse in the World Around You

Substance abuse is lurking around every corner. However, you can learn how to prevent substance abuse in these 4 places around you.