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Celebrating the Strength of Sobriety on National Sober Day

It’s nearly September 14th and National Sober Day is almost here. Let’s come together to honor those who have chosen to lead sober lives.

Glitz & Glamor: Stylized vs. Realistic Views of Addiction in Movies

Hollywood is no stranger to making films surrounding substance abuse, but that doesn’t mean all of them are accurate portrayals of addiction.

Predicting America’s Next Wave of Opioid Overdose as the Worst

There are specific reasons why opioid overdose has become a national epidemic. However, here’s what to do to ensure it doesn’t get worse.

First Responders: How Do I Have A Better Relationship With My Romantic Partner?

First responders keep us safe. However, the trauma they see can often lead to addiction. Here’s how you can increase intimacy with them.

How can I Rebuild Relationships with Friends and Family in Addiction Recovery? 

We may have friends or family members that are in addiction recovery. Here are some simple steps to rebuild your relationship with them.

New Year’s Resolution: Leaving the addiction behind

The beginning of a new year brings new opportunities. There is no better time to kick addiction and start the new year addiction free.

Sexual Abuse and Addiction: Does Trauma Contribute to Substance Use?

We’ve all experienced trauma in our lives, but the worst may be sexual abuse. This is how that trauma and addiction are related.

Let’s Get Moving: How Does Mindful Exercise Help Beat Addiction?

Substance abuse can be tough to overcome, but luckily there is a multitude of physical exercise that can help anyone beat addiction.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home

Detoxing at home may seem like a great idea. However, without proper medical supervision, it can turn deadly in a hurry.

Thankful for Recovery: Staying Sober Through Thanksgiving

For those of us who have struggled with addiction to alcohol, Thanksgiving can be a tricky holiday to navigate. Here’s what to do.