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Social Media More Addictive than Drugs and Alcohol?

Above view of young people sitting and lying on floor with internet activity tags and using modern portable devices, social media addiction concept

What’s the correlation between social media and drugs? Is it possible social media is just as addictive as some substances?

Xylazine Effects in Humans

Designed as a vet tranquilizer, Xylazine effects in animals and humans can often lead to addiction. Learn why it’s called the Zombie Drug.

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The Dangerous Effects of Alcohol and Xanax

Depressed Man Wearing Pajamas Sitting On Floor Of Bedroom Holding Glass Of Whisky

Alcohol and Xanax are commonly used substances for different reasons. However, when mixed, the result can be very dangerous.

Celebrating a Happy Labor Day as a Symbol of Renewed Hope

Having a happy Labor Day weekend may be tough in addiction recovery. However, use this holiday to reflect on all the progress you’ve made.

Decoding Cross Addiction

Cross addiction, or addiction interaction disorder, can complicate the recovery process. We’ll discuss how to address it effectively.

Fluorofentanyl Is A New Foe in the Heart of San Francisco

Fluorofentanyl is a deadly new strain of fentanyl creeping around the streets of San Francisco. Find out how you can protect yourself now.

Mixing Danger: Unraveling the Effects of Alcohol and Xanax

Alcohol and Xanax are often used to cope with our depression. However, if they are mixed, it can become deadly. Here’s why.

Confronting the Shadows: Kensington’s Opioid Epidemic Uncovered

The addictions faced in Kensington, Pennsylvania reveals to the rest of the world that the opioid epidemic is real – and can happen you.

The Rapid Rise of Xylazine: An Urgent Concern

Xylazine has quickly become a dangerous. Here is everything you need to know about this potent drug to keep from falling victim to addiction.

My Journey to Recovery: How I Overcame Opioid Addiction

A close-up of female hands holding a variety of pills, depicting medication overdose or addiction.

After disappointing everyone I ever cared about – especially my kids – I knew I needed help for my opioid addiction. This is what I did.